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I have a great career in the United States Navy, I’m very passionate about helping others achieve success in life, and I refuse to let others get in the way of me achieving my dreams. It’s amazing what one can achieve when you learn to appreciate life.


Nevada’s parents have been abused by our government schools, which are a national embarrassment, failing to teach anything except ideology and that apparently children can be forced into government institutions where they will encounter violence with shocking frequency. We need to follow Arizona’s lead on full K-12 Educational Savings Accounts and let parents opt out of these awful schools. Competition will provide what government cannot.


What the government did to the citizenry in panicked response to COVID is an abomination. We shouldn’t have put up with it then, and we should immediately make sure it can’t happen again. We must reign in the executive’s emergency powers and ensure that whatever powers are granted are brief, limited in scope, and subject to legislative review.


The government should keep its crony and destructive paws out of the short-term rental market. Absent an actual contract prohibiting the practice (as in an HOA or similar) property owners are free to rent their homes to whomever they choose at whatever terms they choose. We must not allow the crony casino/hotel industry to bribe our politicians into stripping rights away from Nevada property-owners. 

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The Libertarian Party of Nevada is the fastest-growing political party in Nevada. We fight for more freedom and choice, and less government for all Nevadans. We believe people should be allowed to live as they choose so long as they do not initiate violence or engage in coercion, theft, or fraud. We are the official state affiliate of the National Libertarian Party.

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